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If your passion is endurance, then Speed Logic has a coaching program that can help you attain your biggest goals. Get a specific program tailored to fit you and your lifestyle.  We have worked with athletes over the past 15 years who have come from a variety of situations from full time pro bike racers to athletes with full time jobs and families. We can work with you to overcome obstacles and identify strategies maximize your training program to bring out your best.




Unlimited Communication

Speed Logic believes communication is key to having a successful coach athlete relationships. 

Daily Adjustments

Be successful no matter what obstacles get in the way of your training. We don't just do cookie cutter plans, but adjust on the fly as needed.

Race Tactics

Each coaching athlete is fully prepared tactically to race. This includes race strategy based on individual and team strengths and weaknesses.

Strength Program

 Optimized strength program. Coaching includes strength training designed to enhance speed, power and climbing abilities.

Data Anylysis

Analysis of key performance indicators such as Heart Rate, Power and Accumulation.  Optimize your training with advanced feedback.

Price Reduction

The longer the relationship, the higher success rate of performance.  We Believe in rewarding long term commitments to success.


Certified in Sport Nutrition, Speed Logic is always available to maximize your potential with supplement and nutrition recommendations. 

 Premium Software

As a Speed Logic athlete you will have access to training through a premium Training Peaks and Trainheroic software.

 Data analyzation, communication, race video can all be achieved remotely. Speed Logic has a variety of both remote and local athletes who equally have high success rates. With advances in technology, coaching has become available to all athletes in pursuit of their goals.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3+


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In-Personal Training

Sign up includes one personal road session and one strength session. Follow up personal session every 4 months.

Group Training

Free access to all Speed logic group training including skill sessions, group interval rides and strength sessions.

Discounts on Clinics

30 percent discount on any skill clinics, strength clinics or training.

Local option includes more personal attention to bring out your best.  Work with Speed logic one-on-one to hone race tactics, and maximize in gym training.  Being local also gives you access group training sessions to get the most out of coaching.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3+

3 Easy Steps to Set up Coaching


Schedule an initial coaching call. Click the schedule now button to set up a 30 minute free call. 


The initial call is to get to know you, as well as you getting to know your coach. Answer any questions and decide which program if any would be a good fit for you.


Once you make your decision to get started, you will get your payment and training software set up. This takes less than 24hrs.


"I love working with Sarah because she’s a professional that can draw from personal racing/training experience and because she is always learning new training methods and theories. Her passion for cycling  is tempered with a great understanding of the athlete’s psychology."

-Heather Fisher, UCI Professional Cyclist

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need to commit to training?

Cycling is an endurance sport. This means the more train, oftentimes the better. However, there are various methods to maximize your training with the time you have to make sure you get the most bang for your time. The minimum training hours we reccomend for performance gains is 4 hours per week with more time being added where possible..

Do I need a Power Meter

A power meter is reccomended for all athletes. This massively helps communication and provides your coach with the data they need to assess your progress. A smart trainer can be used on indoor workouts.

What equipment do I need?

Besides having a bike you will need the below equipment Bike computer - Having a good bike computer will make the whole training experience much easier. Not only will it record you HR (and power if you have a power meter) but it will also display your workout so it can be easily followed while you're out on the road. TrainingPeaks App - After choosing one of our packages you will be sent a link to join VeloPeaks coaching on TrainingPeaks. Follow the on-screen instructions and download the TrainingPeaks app on to your phone. This is where you can see your upcoming workouts, peak performances and more. After you complete a ride it will be uploaded on to the app from your bike computer where you can comment on how it felt. This will also make it visible for me to anaylse. Power meter - Having a power meter will give us much more detail into each workout and also make it easier to see how you're progressing. Reccomended: Heart rate strap - You will need a good HR strap to record your HR while you perform the workouts prescribed to you. It is important that this data is accurate as it is the only way I can see how hard you're pushing on your workouts. HR watches use optical sensors and these are not as reliable and often reports a much lower HR than you actually have during exercise. Indoor Smart trainer - Because not every day is going to be nice outside and when you're looking for an excuse not to do a workout this won't allow you to blame the weather.

How often will I communicate with my coach?

You can be in contact with your coach as often as you need. Communication is done through daily training emails, text and phone calls.

How will I be charged?

You will be charged monthly.

How does Online Coaching work?

After you have had your intial call with Speed Logic, you will get set up on all your training accounts. Your training will be scheduled typically one week in advance. After you perform your training, you will upload your data into Training Peaks and TrainHeroic. We then will analyze your data daily. This data and analysis will help your coach understand where you are at with your training. What you are doing well, and what you need to work on. This information goes into planning your future training as it applies to the periodization schedule and your goals. This communication will continue with your Coach each week to review your training, discuss future training, goals, events, race strategy, gear/equipment, and nutrition.