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Custom Training plans

What is it?

An Individualized periodized program specifically tailored to prepare you to achieve your race goals.

Who's it for?  

  • An Athlete who as at least moderate understanding of cycling and training concepts

  • An Athlete who is self motivated and doesn't need accountability

  • An Athlete who has an understanding of their own body. 

  • An Athlete who needs to stay on coaching budget. 

How it works

Image by Brent Olson

Step 1

You will receive a one hour consultation to learn more about you as a racer and your specific goals.

Step 2

All your current and past data will be analyzed for an in depth understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3

You will then perform a series of power tests to set your zones and training perimeters. 

 Premium Software

Based on consultation, data analysis, and power profiles, a 3 month program will created and loaded into your Trainingpeaks calendar account.


Image by Mattia Cioni

3 month program

( Cycling Only)


3 month program w/ Strength training


Training Subscription ( after initial program)

$75/ Month

Need more info before committing? Email me and I would be happy to answer any addition questions you may have.

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